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Welcome to Balanced Well-Being Healthcare!

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If you are struggling with weight issues, illness, or would like to enhance your overall general wellness, Balanced Well-Being Healthcare is here to help! We work with you and your health care team to create a personalized plan for your complete well-being. Integrative medicine is a multidisciplinary practice: we provide our real, objective results in a warm, caring, and compassionate atmosphere.

  • About Balanced Well-Being Healthcare

    Comprehensive Wellness & Healthcare Services in Fort Collins, Colorado

    Balanced Well-Being Healthcare specializes in naturopathic, holistic, and modern medicine with a focus on integrative medical principals that can fully resolve the root causes of your illness or condition. We are very focused on prevention and wellness. Dr. Grace Alessi considers all possible imbalances when working to heal deep underlying roots causes and symptoms of your condition, which may be physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.

    Please note that while thoroughly curative results are realized in a wide range of diseases at our practice, we are not a replacement for your healthcare provider. Balanced Well-Being Healthcare serves to complement your current provider in providing alternative treatments that are not always fully considered otherwise.

    Alessi Pure Skincare

    Alessi Pure Skincare is based on current medical science and studies which prove that certain ingredients, commonly referred to as “actives”, work. The Alessi Pure Skincare difference is that our products contain NO harmful preservatives or chemicals. Most “natural products” are derived from plants and oils, but the “actives” are in such a low concentration that they are insignificant. Additionally, many of these “natural products” contain preservatives that are either known to be harmful to humans or haven’t been in use long enough to determine if they are harmful.

    Alessi Pure Skincare marries together two concepts: that of scientifically proven actives, and of providing those actives in a clean and safe delivery system using essential oils as a preservative. Learn more about Dr. Alessi's line of skincare products here.